Water Pumps - Dredge, Highbanker, Trommel, etc

Okay, Keene, Proline and the rest offer nice pumps, ready to mount, engine and pump combos to fit their equipment and all the hoses and fittings you could ever hope for, but sometimes it's cheaper and more fun to source your own...

I stumbled upon NorthernTool.com recently and was impressed by the number of different pumps they carried. Once you hit their site, the water pumps link is near the bottom of the left side navigation menu. They also mix in smaller pumps, layflat hose, etc, but there are a bunch of dredge, highbanker or trommel worthy pumps as well.

You also have to check out PlumberSurplus. They have lots of different pumps, fittings, etc. Only one trash pump last time I looked, but lots of others.

ebay can also be worth a look. They always have a few. I just get annoyed by the sellers in the prospecting category. They all suck! Yes, that's a bold statement, but show me a single sale that doesn't include a bunch of extraneous keywords in the title.

See, here's the thing, if I wanted a foot valve, I wouldn't have searched for a dredge! Honestly, the sellers themselves make ebay almost useless, or at least really frustrating, for shopping for mining equipment online. Best way to find pumps on ebay is with a search for trash pump. Anyway, here are a couple current trash water pump auctions on ebay. Once you get there, just run a search for "trash pump" and you'll get tons.

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