Used Gold Prospecting Equipment

You can often fid great deals on used gold prospecting equipment for sale online. I've purchased a used metal detector, used dredge and used tent trailer I found online, and was happy with all three purchases. Some care should be taken though...

First off, prospectors are busy bodies, and can't leave well enough alone when it comes to modifying their equipment. As such, used equipment is rarely as it was when it left the warehouse. Some modifications are good, and some bad, but you want to be aware of what mods have been performed on the equipment you're about to buy, before you buy it. How was it sold new, and what's different about it used? Ask for photos to be emailed.

Also, don't send money without some assurances you're going to actually receive what you're buying. I've never had a problem with this, but no sense being careless.

Some of the best sites for used gold prospecting equipment are the classifieds sections of various forum sites like TreasureNet (great for used metal detectors), the GPAA forums, 49er Mike's, etc. Craigslist also has some great deals every now and then. Industry publications like the ICMJ also have great classifieds sections.

Lastly, good old auction sites like goldbay and ebay have some fantastic deals! Here are some used gold dredges on ebay:

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