Small Pumps for Recirculating Equipment

Like on larger water pumps, I like PlumberSurplus and NorthernTool for smaller pumps as well. They have a variety of smaller pumps, including one I think would be awesome for a DIY recirculating project.

They call it a Multipurpose Drill-Powered Pump, but I 'd imagine you could run one off a windshield wiper motor or any other small electric motor. I have an old ceiling fan I need to replace that might just have a perfect motor in it...

Anyway, the pump hooks up to a standard garden hose and pumps 650 GPH and for only $15, it certainly won't break the bank. A lot of people go for the Walmart bilge pump, but while their website has pump action shotguns aplenty, there's no bilge pump anywhere online. I haven't tried one of these yet, but it looks perfect for a recirculating project. Let me know if you use one on a project, and send pictures.

You might be tempted to try one of those little submersible fountain pumps. I'd suggest you don't. I went that route once with one of the Tom & Perry Deluxe Clean Up Kits. It works, but it was way more expensive than most little pumps and doesn't do near the flow. I could've grabbed one of the drill-powered units, plus hoses and fittings for less and had more control over flow. Two nice things about fountain pumps though is they're submersible (won't get hurt if they get wet) and many plug right into a wall outlet for home-based operations. If you keep 'em out of your tailings they can work pretty good. For fountain pumps, try Petco. They have a bunch of different sizes of smaller electric pumps, along with all the stuff for your four legged and/or scaly friends.

Lastly, there's ebay, with all the typlical disclaimers... Here are some bilge pump auctions:

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