Gold Vials & Sucker Bottles

Okay, you can obviously get the little glass vials for showing off fine gold at the Gold Shows, as well as snuffer bottles and everything else, but what about the rest of the year?

I've been searching a bit lately and have found a few sources. Black Cat Mining has both glass vials and plastic vials in a variety of sizes at decent prices. SpecialtyBottle carries a bunch of different sizes of glass vials with bulk discounts, but shipping is high on smaller orders.

There are always vials on ebay as well, but it's tough to find them among all the crappy vials full of gold leaf auctions. Buyer beware I guess, but $.02 worth of gold leaf in a vial full of glycerin feels like a scam. There's plenty of real gold out there to find, so save your cash. Anyway, rant aside, here are some glass vials for sale on ebay:

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